Nostalgic News: ‘The Bends’ was released 25 years ago.


At a time where Radiohead were known pretty much as ‘one hit wonders’ with ‘Creep’, there was very little hope for the Brits, especially at time in music where the fallout of Kurt Cobain‘s death left a surging grunge scene in the US, all whilst a new wave of electronic music from pioneers like The Prodigy was washing both sides of the Atlantic. The release of The Bends was somewhat biblical. 25 years on and I am still hearing ‘Just’ every time I walk into Jack Wills or the likes of  ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ or ‘High And Dry’ on repeat at almost every edgy bar and outfitters. The album helped bolster Radiohead’s popularity and they were accepted for their own unique sound that didn’t match the hugely popular Britpop counterpart that was immensely influential in the mid 90s, instead the grittiness of post-grunge flirted with indie to create this masterpiece.

Watch the video for ‘Just’ below:


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