Nostalgic News: Empire Strikes Back was released 40 years ago


The Star Wars franchise might have started with 1977’s A New Hope, but the critically agreed upon crowning glory of the original trilogy is The Empire Strikes Back.

An epic space opera of justice, love and melodrama, the second instalment of the saga follows our leading trio, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo, as they continue their fight against seemingly unstoppable foe Darth Vader, separately carrying out their own journeys in different parts of the galaxy. Fledgling Jedi Luke trains on a deserted planet with the mysterious Yoda, a cooky but wise alien most definitely a product of the cheesy sci-fi trends of the 80s (with great puppeteer Frank Oz operating him), building his strength whilst also coming to terms with his mysterious lineage. Han and Leia flee the clutches of Vader by zooming across the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon, fighting with the resistance and encountering old friends along the way.

The film is, in a word, legendary, giving two of the most iconic lines and scenes of cinema (spoilers!); ‘No, I am your father’, and of course, the most romantic and character fitting exchange of all time, ‘I love you.’ ‘I know.’. It’s easily one of the best films ever made, the best film of the Star Wars saga, and a film that everyone definitely should watch at least once.

Watch the trailer below:


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