Nostalgic News: The Shining was released 40 years ago


Although The Shining received mixed reviews upon its time of release, 40 years on it is clear that the film has become a critical classic, paving the way for horror and inspiring the work of many directors ever since.

Stanley Kubrick’s psychological horror, based upon Stephen King’s 1977 novel of the same name, sends chills up the spines of its viewers. Jack Nicholson’s increasingly sadistic and terrifying portrayal of protagonist Jack Torrance, a struggling writer whose anger begins to take control of him, creates both a stressful and overpowering sense of dread.

Ever since I first watched the film, the beautiful opening shot which tracks a serene mountainous landscape being turned slowly upside down has stuck with me as I watched in awe of the incredible cinematography. The intense nature of the camerawork and the gaudy patterns of the hotel’s corridors combine to draw the viewer into the chilling truths about the Overlook Hotel.

Watch the trailer for The Shining below. Trailer re-cut by the BFI.


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