Hamilton: An American Musical to hit Disney+ on July 3rd


Hamilton: An American Musical will be hitting a screen near you on July 3rd exclusively streaming on Disney+. Written and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton was filmed in 2016 at The Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway and delves into the story of the forgotten American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his ascent from poverty to power after the American War of Independence.

Hamilton has been a worldwide sensation since its debut in 2015, its cultural impact cannot be ignored, and fans have been logging onto Twitter expressing their excitement over the movie being fast-track to July 2020 compared to its original release date of October 2021.

On the surface, this seems like a musical for the history nerd; however, it’s the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the story of America. It juxtaposes the story of the country’s beginnings by bringing non-white voices to the forefront by casting non-white actors as the founding fathers and other historical figures. This is an essential aspect to the story which gives us a new narrative on the history we are often taught, as Hamilton was an immigrant, an illegitimate orphan from the West Indies and only arrived in America when he was 15 years old in 1772. This was the same time the revolutionary spirit was growing across the colonies; with this spirit driving the musical and showing us America as a nation of immigrants who fought and strived for the nation.

Hamilton is a cult classic despite only premiering five years ago and has one of the most influential Broadway musical scores by blending hip-hop, jazz, soul and R&B. Making hip-hop the music of the revolution is a powerful tool and changes the whole course of the story, as Hamilton is powerful and delves into complex issues surrounding America’s identity and racial history with hip-hop as the perfect backdrop for this story to be told. This is why the musical recording is so popular with many Hamilfans never seeing the musical (myself included) but fully immersing themselves into the story from the musical recording which is modern and a perfect combination history and the modern world.

Hamilton is said to be a story about “American then, as told by America now” and a musical not to miss. Be sure to get your Disney+ subscription in time to watch Hamilton and celebrate America’s independence day in style.

Check out the trailer for Hamilton: An American Musical below:


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