American Horror Story Spin-Off Announced


Ryan Murphy, widely known showrunner and creator behind such series as Glee, Pose and Nip/Tuck, has announced that American Horror Story, his horror anthology series, will air it’s first spin-off, American Horror Stories.

AHS has been airing for nearly 10 years now, with 10 different seasons all focused on new characters in a new storyline, and has achieved numerous awards and nominations in its lifetime. Now, with the hoard of obsessed fans at his back, Murphy has revealed the show’s first ever spin-off, aptly titled American Horror Stories. Like it’s predecessor, American Horror Stories will continue the creepy, scary and taboo vibes, but rather focus on a new story every episode. Murphy has stated that ‘we are doing 16 one-hour standalone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore… many of these will feature AHS stars you know and love.’.

The poster fits in with the lore of AHS in all its unnerving glory, showing a woman with a cracked face, cobwebs making up the destruction that dominates her features. This news also follows from the recently announced cast list for AHS season 10, making 2021 a very exciting year for fans of the series.

It’s uncertain just which AHS favourites will feature in this new series, but under the Instagram post announcing it, actors Dylan McDermott, Cody Fern, and even Billy Porter shared their excitement, implying they’ll be involved in some way. It’s also been hinted that some of the fan favourites will even be directing episodes, with Sarah Paulson saying as much at a recent Netflix panel last August.

As a fan of the series and of freaky folklore, I for one can’t wait to see what Murphy comes up with!


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