Celebrating the life and legacy of George Michael!


Our generation has grown up hearing his voice and on what would’ve been his 60th birthday, we’re reminded of the legacy George Michael has left behind.

Safe to say, I wasn’t around during George Michael’s glory days. But like many of you reading this, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t aware of his music. I’ve grown up singing Last Christmas every December (sometimes in summer when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic). Club Tropicana is a summer staple

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and lyrics I quote often, whilst George Michael and Elton John’s performance of Don’t let the sun go down on me is a regular on the radio to this day. A track that demonstrates the immense presence of the pair when they sang together on stage.
Freedom ‘90 was covered in Pitch Perfect 3 which brought in a new era of fans- no doubt they already knew his name before the remix.

There’s a reason George Michael is still a household name and it’s not just the soothing vocals or joyful and sometimes emotional songs. George has had a positive impact that lasts to this day. Whilst I could sit here and list the many wonderful things he’s done, his achievements and number 1 singles, I want to highlight a new touching discovery of mine. Only this morning I learned of his generous donation to pay for a couple’s IVF treatment at a time when medical professionals were not prepared to offer them help through the NHS. Now 11 years later the married couple have George to thank for little Betsey. This is one of the many anonymous donations made by George to everyday people.


Only after his passing it was announced to the public that George was the ‘businessman’ that donated to this family in need. The couple learned of this weeks after their miracle baby was born and kept this selfless act quiet until after his passing when George’s family granted the couple permission.

What better way is there to leave a mark on the world than leaving it better than how you found it?

Now, on what would’ve been his 60th birthday (25th June), we can sit in the sunshine, Tropicana in hand, and listen to the joyous tunes of the one and only George Michael.

Watch and listen to a personal favourite of mine, George Michael sings Freedom! ‘90 here live on tour, via YouTube:


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