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If you like weird, you'll love Bambino.

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Meet the duo unafraid to stray away from the typical indie sound expected in 2017. London based Superfood – aka Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm – are back with a self-produced second album, Bambino, which fuses indie and electronic sounds with some jazzy undertones. The result being multi-layered tracks which are odd at times, while also incredibly captivating.

The album’s opener, ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ sets the tone for the rest of its tracks. Fast-paced, it comes at you from all directions with electronic spurts as well as drums, bass, and some inserted voice-over. An encapsulation of Superfood’s vibe, this feeling is consistent throughout Bambino’s entirety.

Other stand out tracks, ‘Clo Park’ and ‘Shadow’ showcase the experimentation central to the album’s sound. The former jumps around a lot, yet retain underlying indie characteristics alongside some funky bass guitar, typing sounds, and choral soulfulness. ‘Shadow’, the latter, charts good progression, with the perfect blend of electric guitar and drums. Probably the record’s darkest track, it’s simple in its structure compared to the distorted ‘Double Dutch’ but arguably one of the best ones on Bambino.

Bending the typical constraints of genre, Superfood is unafraid to expand their sound, often incorporating three or four at one time. The result is weird tracks that can sometimes become too much, but when done right, is brilliant.

Bambino is out September 8th via Dirty Hit 




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