Review: Craig David & Sigala – ‘Ain’t Giving Up’


Largely safe, unoriginal, and extremely repetitive, I can't bring myself to like Craig David and Sigala's collaboration.

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Craig David’s second coming has seen him collaborate with some pretty spectacular producers this year, including Major Lazer (and Katy B) for ‘Who Am I‘ and Blonde for ‘Nothing Like This.’ Both outfits presented their typical fast, catchy beats to complement David’s infectiously great vocals on ace songs. Unfortunately, in comparison, his new song with Sigala fails to stack up.

With a tendency to learn to love the songs I hate and despise the ones I instantly like later on, the first listens to ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ left me feeling disappointed and, having given it many more chances since its release after expecting great things from the pair, that disappointment hasn’t gone away. I’m just not a fan of Sigala’s clumsy, piano-heavy style, which feels as though he juggles too many balls and creates rushed products without any finesse. His songs wear thin extremely quickly if you’re a fan of more complex, layered pop like, say, the offerings of The Chainsmokers or Bastille.

‘Ain’t Giving Up’ follows the vein of his previous releases ‘Easy Love,’ ‘Sweet Lovin’,’ and ‘Say You Do,’ which all have me groaning when they come on in a club. How many times does Craig David want to sing “ain’t giving up on youuuuuuu” in one two-and-a-half minute song? Although I’m not a fan, the masses will certainly override me and have it ending up as a classic for the upcoming year in cheesy student venues.

To be fair to them, I followed the song’s instructions, not giving up until I’d listened to it a dozen times to write this review. Now, I truly never want to hear it again.

‘Ain’t Giving Up’ is out now via Insanity Records


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