EA’s E3 Press conference 2014


One of the biggest game publishers known to man has a (slightly) better conference than last year. You can also read our round ups of the SonyNintendoMicrosoft, and Ubisoft  conferences

Battlefield: Hardline Beta and trailer

The next instalment in Call of Duty’s biggest competitor, Battlefield: Hardline was announced in EA’s conference yesterday. A trailer was shown for the game, which revealed that this next title will be focused on the ‘battle’ between criminal forces and law-enforcers in a city environment. It seems that Hardline will be more akin to Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s humorous and  over-the-top approach. The Beta was released to the press on E3 consoles yesterday and is available to sign up to now.

Release date: October 21st 2014

Star-wars Battlefront trailer

A new trailer was shown for the reboot/sequel; Star Wars: Battlefront yesterday. The trailer showed off a glimpse of gameplay, but mostly just reminding people that the game actually exists; which for some is enough considering how highly regarded Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2 are.

Release date: TBA


Yet more was revealed for the soon to be released fighting game. The trailer EA showed focused primarily on the fact that Bruce Lee is in the game; LOOK HOW AWESOME HE IS GUYS! LOOK AT HIS REALISTIC ABS!

Release date: June 17th 2014

 The Sims 4

EA announced yesterday that The Sims 4 will be released on September 2nd this year. Possibly one of the company’s biggest money-makers, it’s unsurprising EA dedicated a demo to the game, which showed the more in-depth ways that players can create and abuse their Sims.

Release date: September 2nd 2014

 Madden NFL 15

Unsurprisingly, EA are releasing another Madden game this year. Promising to improve the monotony of playing defence, EA announced that they game will be released this summer.

Release date: 26th August 2014

NHL 15

Another annual release, the trailer for the new instalment in the Hockey series was shown yesterday. The release date was also hinted at for this Autumn.

Release date: Autumn 2014

Dawngate: Chronicles

More content for the MOBA was hinted at by EA at their conference yesterday. A trailer was shown, in which developers discussed new plans for the game, which has been available in Beta since December 2013.

Available now

Mirrors Edge 

The previously teased sequel (?) to the somewhat overlooked platforming gem of the last generation was further touched upon by EA yesterday. A trailer was shown, revealing possible in-game footage and the process DICE developers had gone through to bring the game to life.

Release date: TBA

PGA Tour 15

EA’s third sports game shown at their conference, PGA Tour 15 was given a game-play trailer and a release date yesterday.

Release date: Spring 2015

Mass Effect 4 and “Brand new IP”

A tad more light was shed upon on the previously teased Mass Effect 4 yesterday. EA showed a short trailer that confirmed the game’s development and that it would take place in all previously un-explored parts of the galaxy. Also, it was revealed that Bioware are working on a “Brand New IP”. How exciting!

Release dates: TBA

DA: Inquistion 

As predicted, EA gave more details to the next instalment in the Bioware developed series. Both a trailer and short demo were shown yesterday. The demo showed of the two separate combat modes in the game; action and tactical, which gives players different ways to approach battle scenarios.

Release date: October 7th 2014


Finally, EA saved one of their most successful franchises until last. FIFA 15 was revealed yesterday at EA’s conference, with both a trailer and a release date.

Release date: 23rd September



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