Happy Olympics Video Goes Viral


As we’ve already shown, when it comes to the Olympics, we British are a fickle bunch. Another traditional British trait is self-depricating spirit often coupled with a rather generous dose of dry humour. Bring together all these factors, and what you get is a young lady showcasing some rather brilliant wit.

As one of the Games Makers outside Stratford International, and thankfully given a loudspeaker Rachel Onosanwo announces “I cannot contain my excitement everybody… We are going to be telling our children’s, children’s, children’s…children’s children about today”. You quickly appreciate the brilliance of the video as she encompasses what many will be feeling; the amazement of such a major event, alongside the every day humour of normal situations. Happiness is clearly high on the agenda, and god forbid anybody who does not revel in this ‘momentous occassion’

Named ‘Happiest Olympics Worker 2012’ the video has already racked up over 1 million videos and its not surprising, considering the very British sense of humour. Enjoy.


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