Introducing: Bastille


Ranting about the charts seems to almost have become a pastime which brings people together, as we collectively bemoan the constant flow of manufactured, generic artists. However, this new group to the scene seems to offer up something fresh and hope that diversifies the genre of pop.

Bastille, a four piece (most of the time) from London are the band in question, with a strength that lies primarily in soaring vocal harmonies. Originally a solo outing by producer Dan Smith, the fluid nature of the group has meant that the array of styles and songs on offer is vast, and with notable talent, Smith tethering the band to a base and ensuring continuity, the recipe for success is there. Oh and they’ve got some pretty catchy tunes too.

They released an exceptionally acclaimed mix-tape back in February entitled Other People’s Heartache¬†which covers some of the most striking songs of recent times, and the transitions are so beautifully natural that on a first listen, you might be fooled for thinking they were originals. One particular gem is a cover of City High’s ‘What Would You Do’, as Smith and company effortlessly transform a rap song into an emotionally charged medley of expansive soul, solid pop-inspired production and sparkly keys. The amount of territory covered in just over 20 minutes is marvellous, and heralds a triumphant return for acapella. In addition, the fact that they’ve been able to bring in a variety of featuring artists proves that the music industry are taking note of what Bastille have to offer.

Following on from their chopping and changing duties, the group also have a smattering of singles bouncing around online. One of these, ‘Laura Palmer’ has already been featured on several TV shows, while ‘Overjoyed’ once again showcases the tender melodies, while introducing a slower pace. Their upcoming single ‘Bad Blood’ is due for release on August 20th and is an impassioned performance, seeing the band take a bold step up and dabbling in electro.

Bastille have already accrued quite the fan base who are no doubt looking forward to a full length release. Whenever this comes is yet to be seen, but as long as they stay true to their style, and produce an album that contains such a wide array of influences that have already been showcased, the group should be able to capture the public’s imagination and start the march towards success.


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