Introducing: Mood Robot


It’s well known, there’s a never ending number of synth-pop acts which emerge all over the world right now. But it doesn’t mean it has a negative aspect as this music genre has so much fun and you never get tired while discovering brand new names.

This time I would like to introduce you indie synth pop trio based in Los Angeles – Mood Robot. These guys describe themselves as “keeping it fresh and not giving a hoot”. And it’s fair enough!

The trio consisting of Alex Kazenoff and Ben Kazenoff, featuring Kelly Mickel on vocals, who are about to make a huge contribution to the genre with their music that’s packed with 80’s inspired synths and pop melodies.

“One Eyed Butterfly” is one of the tracks from the latest EP I would like to highlight. It’s full of bass, electronic beats, and spacey synths that create such a delightfully moody magic sound. “Is there something wrong with me? Will you come home to me?” Kelly asks till the end of the track, making it such a desperate love song.


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