The “Bristol Sound” represents – Future Dub Orchestra


Bristol has been a hub for underground music artists in the UK for quite a long time. Early 1990s was that “golden time” when the local music scene began to create works of international significance and recognition. Not to mention, that the city was the birthplace of trip-

10974472_926157227408407_2861324457200013891_ohop, epitomised in the work of artists such as Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack. It is also a stronghold of drum and bass with notable artists such as Roni Size and Kosheen.

Bristol’s music scene has a reputation for its innovation, experimentation and quality. And that’s exactly the words you can apply for describing Future Dub Orchestra band. These guys are truly contributors to the excellent music reputation of the city. Being open-minded musicians with eclectic music preferences  they are proficient in experimenting and mixing different music genres such as  Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and Reggae. As they describe themselves: “Future Dub Orchestra is committed to pushing the musical boundaries to take music in new directions and cites influences as diverse as Electronica, Dub, Downtempo, Reggae, Soundtrack Cinematic film music”.

Not so long ago, they hosted an event in London, and there is an exclusive video where you can get acquainted with these talented musicians more precisely.


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