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Elyon started mixing hip-hops beats after a friend pointed him towards Nujabes; from his first mixtape release in 2011, he has gone from strength to strength.

His sound – a fantastically mood-making blend of hip-hop and jazz tones – has evolved throughout his work. On Museum, you’ll find tracks that mix the common beats between orchestral violin and brass to beats and bass. They add, and build, coming together bursting with energy. Each track blends influences to create a unique pocket of atmosphere. ‘Ma Petite Amie’ is background music for a working in a busy coffeeshop, while the urban-sound-sampling ‘Missed You’ is practically made for listening to in one ear on your morning commute.

They’re, at once, hugely motivating and perfect for chilling out.

New album Avalanche, however, is far more mellow. The classical elements are clearer in high strings and gently positive piano representing the jazz sound, with a rhythmic bass beat and samples. It’s a more melancholy sound, but perhaps a more optimistic one. Avalanche is a personal testament to getting over the emotional periods in our lives that, at the time, feel like they’ll never end; the pent-up stress of work, a bad breakup, or something deeper. Elyon describes these emotions coming to a close in the title track, ‘Avalanche’. On his Bandcamp, he writes, “This track is about me facing my troubled heart, the heart that is about to collapse. It is about me yelling at this troubled, snow covered, mountain, and watching it collapse before me. It is about letting all my built up emotions go free. It is about becoming free from being imprisoned in my own heart.”

Inspiring and atmospheric, Elyon is bringing out the best of two genres to create perfect sounds to relax, recuperate or revise to.

Find Elyonbeats on Facebook or Bandcamp, where most of his music can be downloaded for free. Avalanche is avaliable to buy or stream now.


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